With demolition complete in our Foursquare's dining room, we're moving full steam ahead on reassembling the space. And while it's an odd feeling, we've recently found ourselves on a pretty serious project roll.

After removing the drywall covering the original plaster in the room, which also allowed us to remove the hated wallpaper border, we turned our attention to the all important aspects of a lighting and electrical plan, as well as wall repair. I know, it's totally sexy stuff!

First up, let's take a look at our lighting. When we bought our home the room had just one source of light via the dark and dated ceiling fan/light combo. Though we added lamps for a bit of additional light in the corner, the amount of light in the room always felt very flat, harsh, and especially gloomy in the evening and at night. Couple that with too few outlets placed in odd locations and at variable heights in the room, and we had several straight forward electrical items to tackle.

To remedy the insufficient and uninspiring lighting we're seizing this opportunity to not only add a recessed light in each of the four corners of the room, but also to correct a major oversight/pet peeve of mine in the room. Can you spot the issue in the next photo?

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When I attended Millwaukee's New Tool Symposium last year on behalf of Charles & Hudson, I truly enjoyed trying out a lot of cool new tools.

While there were many highlights specific to particular specialties, one of the demos that seemed to be garnering a fair amount of buzz regardless of the trade or interest of the person giving it a try was the station set up to show off Milwaukee's new M18 cordless heat gun and the M12 cordless soldering iron.

I've had a corded heat gun for years, but I often find myself needing to use it in situations where it would be far more handy to not bother with an extension cord or finding a nearby outlet. So when Milwaukee sent us a bare tool to try, I was eager to put it through its paces so I could do a review.

Since we received the heat gun, we've been using it regularly and can say without a doubt that it is very useful and convenient. At the same time we I can also say that a corded heat gun does offer some differences and potential advantages that you need to consider if you're thinking of buying one.

At just over one and a half pounds (without battery), it lives up to its name. The weight of the gun will obviously increase substantially depending on the size of the battery you choose, and I would suggest you go with as high capacity of a battery as you can with this tool. 

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We're off to a great start with our Foresquare's dining room renovation and restoration project. But before I launch into details on the next phase of this room's renovation, let's take a look back at where we started and a look forward at where we're trying to go. 

Ever since we bought our house in 2014 this room has evolved continuously in both form and function. The room was first introduced to us looking like this...

...and sported yellow walls, burgundy and fruit patterned window treatments, a hunter green fruit border, a dark wood and brass ceiling fan, and a window air conditioning unit with its cord stretching the length of the room. Not exactly pin worthy.

Initially we set this room up as our dining room, using folding chairs and other furniture given to us second hand by family and friends. The only new items were the lamps, which I purchased from HomeGoods to use in our future living room.

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Since we bought our Foursquare back in October 2014, we've been working to rid our home of outdated wallpaper. 

In fact, the very first project that we started just a mere hours after closing on our home was when my mom and I launched into removing the floral on floral on floral wallpaper and curtain theme of our first floor bathroom.

The end result of our efforts on this small bathroom gave us a glimpse of what the rest of our home could eventually be, and it all started with wallpaper removal.

Oddly, this wasn't the first time my mom has taken to removing floral wallpaper from a room, but in the past it was actually in the home I grew up in.

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We've reached the end of 2017 and I can still hardly believe I've just written this.

As we look back on the last 12 months we can absolutely say that this year has been packed full of projects, adventures, milestones, and experiences. We've tried our best to keep everyone informed of our latest goings on throughout the year, but it has admittedly been difficult given the length of time it tends to take to write blog posts (on account of verbosity I tend to bring to writing blog posts...and the speed at which I execute the projects that I most enjoy writing about). We also haven't been recapping parties and vacations as we have in the past on the blog, instead giving most of those updates incrementally on Instagram, but in an effort to get you up to speed...

Let's get started on our Year in Review!

We kicked off the year by enjoying a fireworks display in Old Town Alexandria, plotting and planning for what we wanted to accomplish in the coming year. We knew it would be a busy one, but knew we'd also have a lot of fun along the way.

We started the year with a trip out of town to the west coast. It was both of our first times in Los Angeles (we stayed in Santa Monica), so we decided to really do it up tourist style and headed to Hollywood. One of the highlights of our time in southern California was enjoying the Warner Bros. studio tour.

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